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Special sessions

Special Session 1: Advanced Algorithms for Maneuvering Target Detection

    Special Session 1


    Advanced Algorithms for Maneuvering Target Detection



    Xiaolong Chen

    Naval Aviation University

    Erma Road 188, Yantai, Shandong, China


    Xiaolong Li

    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

    No.2006, Xiyuan Ave, West Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China



    With the development of science technology, especially the aerospace and stealth technique, more and more maneuvering targets appear in the radar society, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), speed boat, and hypersonic aircraft, etc. What these maneuvering targets have in common is their strong maneuverability and low-observability, i.e., the SCR/SNR is too low to compete with clutter and electronic interference, resulting in poor radar detection performance. How to enhance the detection capability of radar for these maneuvering targets has then become a hot topic in the radar signal processing research. 

    Although advanced signal processing theory and techniques for radar maneuvering target detection have been studied and achieved a series of fruits, there are still many problems remain to be explored and solved related to the real-world challenges in modern radar signal processing community. 

    The purpose of this special session is to provide a forum for the latest progress and trends in advanced signal processing theory and techniques for radar maneuvering target detection, further to promote the development of science and technology in signal and system domain.

    The topics of interest are (but not limited to):

    1) Long time integration (coherent or noncoherent) based radar maneuvering target detection.

    2) Radar maneuvering target detection in clutter or jamming background.

    3) Maneuvering target detection using passive radar, MIMO radar or other novel radar systems.

    4) Radar characteristics analysis of maneuvering target, including complex motion modelling, HRRP, micro-Doppler, parameter estimation, etc.

    5) Radar maneuvering target detection using deep learning networks.

    6) Radar maneuvering target classification or ISAR applications.

    Important dates

    Paper Submission Deadline:
    15 August 2020
    Paper Acceptance Notification:
    30 September 2020
    Camera-ready Paper Submission:
    15 October 2020
    Conference Date:
    4-6 November 2020

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    IRC 2020


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