Special sessions

Special sessions1:Automotive Radar

Special sessions2:Integrated Sensing and Communication

Special sessions3:Aerial Migration Observation Technologies and Applications

Special sessions4:Radar target detection and recognition in the era of AI

Special sessions5:Ground Penetrating Radar

Special sessions6:Through the Medium Sensing and Applications

Special sessions7:Electromagnetic Scattering Theory and Applications of Polarimetric Radar Remote Sensing

Special sessions8:Planetary Radar

Special sessions9:Bistatic/Multitatic Synthetic Aperture Radar

Special sessions10:GEO SAR System and Application

Special sessions11:LuTan-1:Processing and Applications

Special sessions12:Spaceborne SAR System and Signal Processing

Special sessions13:Advanced Radar Application: Geohazard Monitoring Technology

Special sessions14:Advances in Multi-temporal InSAR Algorithms and Applications for the Urban Environment

Special sessions15:Surface Deformation Monitoring Systems and Signal Processing

Special sessions16:Advanced ISAR Signal Processing and Information Acquisition

Special sessions17:Intelligent Optical Signal Processing

Special sessions18:Advanced SAR Imaging and Target Recognition using Intelligent Technology

Special sessions19:Machine Learning and Optimization for Radar Signal Processing

Special sessions20:Exploiting Diversities in Array Radar Signal Processing

Special sessions21:Weather Radar and its Application 

Special sessions22:Radar Imaging, Processing and Image Interpretation with Knowledge Guided Deep Learning Approaches

Special sessions23:Intelligent and Real-time Understanding and Processing for Earth-Observation Remote Sensing Tasks

Special sessions24:Antenna and RF component

Special sessions25:Microwave Remote Sensing of Marine Target Monitoring

Special sessions26:Clutter suppression/classification and target detection for complex scenarios

Special sessions27:Radar Imaging Jamming and Anti-Jamming Technology

Special sessions28:MIMO Radars: Systems and Signal Processing

Special sessions29:Passive Radar Technology

Important dates

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30 September, 2023
Paper Acceptance Notification:
20 October, 2023
Camera-ready Paper Submission:
5 November, 2023
Registration open date:
20 October, 2023
Conference Date:
3-5 December, 2023

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