LuTan-1:Processing and Applications

Chairs: Dr. Tao Li (Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center,Ministry of Natural Resources), Prof. Yongsheng Li,(National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management of China), Dr. Yanyang Liu (Shanghai institute of satellite engineering) 


Lu Tan-1 (LT-1) is a SAR constellation consists of two identical satellites. The two satellites were launched on January and February of 2022. After one year in-orbit test, LT-1 has finished all the pre-defined tasks. At the beginning of April, 2023, the data has been distributed to the users of the Ministry of Natural Resources under testing mode. Then at 22nd, June, 2023, LT-1 started sweeping China monthly using stripmap 1 mode. LT-1 supports two kinds of formations. The first is helix bistatic formation, which is used for digital elevation model generation. The second is pursuit monostatic formation, which is used for deformation monitoring. The processing methods and applications since the satellite launch will be discussed in the session, aiming at promoting the satellite image usages globally.


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30 September, 2023
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20 October, 2023
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5 November, 2023
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20 October, 2023
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3-5 December, 2023

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