Planetary Radar

Chairs: Prof. Zegang Ding (Beijing Institute of Technology), Assistant Prof. Zehua Dong (Beijing Institute of Technology)


Planetary radars have been used in the study of Solar System bodies since the first echoes from the Moon were recorded by ground-based antennas in 1946. Ground-based radars have imaged the surface of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, precisely measured the orbit and shape of asteroids, and identified ice deposits in permanently shadowed craters of the Moon. Space-borne radar have detected the subsurface of the Moon, Mars and a comet, identified liquid water on Mars, determined structure and thickness of the lunar regolith. This session focuses on recent developments on planetary radar, from the radar system to the experiments, data processing, and analysis of both Earth-based and space-borne planetary radars.


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30 September, 2023
Paper Acceptance Notification:
20 October, 2023
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5 November, 2023
Registration open date:
20 October, 2023
Conference Date:
3-5 December, 2023

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