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West Lake
Located in Hangzhou, provincial seat of Zhejiang Province, the West Lake is one of the most famed tourist attractions in China. For centuries, the West Lake has been well known both for its picturesque landscape and for cultural heritage surviving yet illustrating the past dynasties. The landscape area of the West Lake includes the surrounding hills and nearby historical sites as well as the lake itself. The lake area covers around 60 square kilometers consisting of 5.68 square kilometers of water area. The West Lake is the centerpiece of the natural fascination with bluish hills on three sides, serene and charming. Along the Lake, there stand lines of willows with ancient bridges leaping over them. Mist now veils the whole landscape, now just perches lightly on the green and luxuriant hills in the vicinity with tiny streams winding in deep valleys. Besides its impressive scenery, the West Lake boasts of abundant cultural heritages and legends passed from generation to generation, commingling natural features, past personages, history, and art in the local area. In the whole landscape area, there are more than one hundred scenic spots open to the tourists at present. Each year there are 0.5 million of foreign guests and 12 million domestic visitors coming to Hangzhou.


West Lake Dragon Well Tea
Dragon Well Tea is the number one of top ten Chinese famous teas. The tealeaves have green color, good smell, thick taste and nice shape, which are regarded as "four-wonder". West Lake Dragon Well teas are divided into fi ve types as "lion, dragon, cloud, tiger and plum". Among which, the quality of "Lion Peak Dragon Well Tea" is the best. Especially, the tea before Clear & Bright is the rare product. Dragon Well Tea and Tiger Spring Water are called as two-wonder of West Lake.


Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple, established in 326A.D., is the most famous temple in Hangzhou with a long history of about 1,700 years. Situated at the west end of the West Lake, the temple is confronted with Feilai Mountain and backed by Beigao Mountain. In the section flanked by the two mountains are massive trees, the old temple, and dramatic clouds in many shapes and sizes.Lingyin Temple covers an area of 130 mu, the axle wire of which stands Heavenly Kings Hall, the Mahavira Hall, Yaowang Hall, Zhizhi Hall(the court of law), Huayan Hall, The Hall of Five Hundred Arhats, Jigong Temple, Liandeng Pavilion, Huayan Pavillion, Dabei Pavillion, Abbot Building and others stand beside them, which looks wonderful and orderly. There is a Sakyamuni Buddhai joss in Heavenly Kings Hall, the blueprint of which was the statue of Tang Dynasty. It was engraved from 24 huge camphorwoods, 24.8m high. The appearance looks dignified, majestic and lively, which is seldom seen in China.


Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park (Hong Yuan)
Xixi Wetland, well known for the wonderland-like landscape, is one of the Three "Xi's" along with Xihu (West Lake) and Xiling (the Seal Engravers' Society). Wildlife and beautiful landscapes of Natural wetland, together with its profound but simple and unsophisticated culture, all have given a splendid and mysterious color to this ancient land.

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